We were the cops that arrested Lucy Letby… she was expecting us...
We were the cops that arrested Lucy Letby… she was expecting us & her behaviour in the interview was even more chilling

We were the cops that arrested Lucy Letby… she was expecting us & her behaviour in the interview was even more chilling

COPS who arrested Lucy Letby have claimed that the twisted nurse was expecting officers to show up and described her interview as chilling. The serial killer was found guilty on Friday of murdering seven babies - making her Britain's most prolific child killer. 5 Lucy Letby was found guilty of killing seven babies Credit: The Mega Agency 5 Detective Superintendent Paul Hughes says that he believes Lucy was expecting cops to show up Credit: PA 5 DS Danielle Stoner said that Lucy's behaviour was chilling and devoid of emotion during interviews Credit: Sky 5 Britain's most prolific child killer was quizzed by cops multiple times Credit: Cheshire Constabulary But Lucy's heinous crimes were unmasked during a nearly 10-month trial where it was revealed she also attempted to kill six other newborns. Now, Detective Superintendent Paul Hughes - a leading detective in the case - said he believes the sick nurse had actually anticipated her arrest. Mr Hughes said Letby’s unusual but “controlled” manner during police interviews raised suspicions that she had been expecting a visit from cops. The Cheshire Constabulary officer, who led the investigation, said Letby appeared remarkably calm for someone arrested for the first time . “She was emotionless, she cooperated, she answered the questions,” he said in an interview with The Mail on Sunday. Mr Hughes added: “It was surprising – this was someone who had never been involved with police before in her life. “She’s arrested for eight murders and six attempted murders and brought into custody. At no point did she appear to be struggling with anything. She was quiet, she wasn’t obstructive, she dealt with everything, she was controlled." And he claimed that there seemed to be an "acceptance" on Lucy's behalf that cops would be arriving at her door one day. Most read in The Sun CRISIS POINT Our town's overrun by second home owners… rent is so high I’m living in a van HIGH LIFE Billionaire ruler of Dubai spotted holidaying in popular Scots beauty spot DANE JOB Celtic line up transfer swoop for Danish striker as Rodgers identifies target CUTTING TIES McCarthy set to leave Celtic as Rodgers admits 'real shame' over star's exit The Detective Superintendent continued: “There was no banging on the table, at no point did she say: ‘You’re saying these babies have been killed. I cared for these babies, go and find the killer, it’s not me’. "There was very much an acceptance that we were going to come and knock on her door at some point.” His colleague Detective Sergeant Danielle Stonier echoed these observations and claimed the twisted health worker was unusually calm and "devoid of emotion" when being quizzed. She told MailOnline : "The Lucy Letby you saw in court was the Lucy Letby I interviewed. "Her tone, her approach to answering questions, even the pauses, were very much the same. "Lucy Letby was calm, she was quite cool, she answered the questions, she was confident with the answers. She talked but there was no emotion." Letby, 33, was questioned three times between July 2018 and November 2020, when she was finally charged. She was interviewed for more than 20 hours. DS Stonier said the "big moment" came when officers revealed the results of blood tests to Letby, which proved two of the babies had been deliberately poisoned – eight months apart - with insulin. "She had little to no understanding of that," Mrs Stonier added. "I remember reading out those results and I don't think she knew what it meant." Mrs Stonier added that Letby did not wail or cry while being charged. 'NO EMOTION' The Detective Sergeant said that she "appeared composed", adding that she "had an ability to mentally switch off, to disengage just to get through it." Described as “beige” by cops, there was nothing spectacular about the nurse that suggested at first she could be behind the killings. But post-January 2015, the number of baby deaths and catastrophic collapses at the hospital significantly rose and links started to become clear. Consultants grew concerned when they realised the children who died had “deteriorated unexpectedly”. The babies who collapsed also did not respond to appropriate and timely resuscitation. Footage was earlier released of Letby's police interview after she was first arrested in July 2018. In some cases, Letby allegedly took up to three attempts before she managed to kill some of her victims. Read more on the Scottish Sun JEALOUS I work in a bar - guys tip me too much because I’m hot, their girlfriends hate it DI-WOW Woman who was quoted £13k for a new kitchen did it herself using bargains from Ikea Police searched her three-bedroom home in Chester on July 3, 2018, after she was arrested and discovered a chilling cache of evidence . The nurse had scribbled haunting notes in diaries and on Post-It notes, including one that read: “I am evil I did this”. 5 Lucy Letby is taken away in handcuffs after murdering babies Credit: Cheshire Constabulary

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