There's a reason Yoga with Adriene is the most popular in the...
There's a reason Yoga with Adriene is the most popular in the world - 15 of her best flows to ease tightness and tension

There's a reason Yoga with Adriene is the most popular in the world - 15 of her best flows to ease tightness and tension

Celebrity news, beauty, fashion advice, and fascinating features, delivered straight to your inbox! Thank you for signing up to Marie Claire. You will receive a verification email shortly. There was a problem. Please refresh the page and try again. Unless you've been living under a rock, you're bound to have stumbled across a Yoga with Adriene video online. The yoga instructor has over twelve million subscribers on YouTube and has uploaded almost 700 videos during her ten years on the platform. She's become synonymous with at-home yoga workouts, thanks to her popular challenges empowering amateurs and pros alike to find their flow at home. Why are they so popular, then? Well, they build strength, flexibility, and mobility, reduce stress. and are totally free - all you have to do to practice with Adriene is grab a yoga mat (if you're in the market for a new one, see our edit of the ) and in her very own words "find what feels good for you". It's not just Adriene's wealth of knowledge about yoga and the variety of routines - from sequences to videos focused solely on certain and specific - that make her videos stand out from the rest. It's the instructor's warm and welcoming online personality and uplifting attitude that draw us in and keep us coming back for more. Keen to try a Yoga with Adriene routine? We've rounded up her most popular flows on YouTube. From to morning and nighttime routines, there's something for everyone. A yoga flow for complete beginners, in this session Adriene supports you in building a foundation for your yoga practice. Follow as she guides you through the most essential postures and poses of the practice. Beginners. 20 minutes For those who want to go a little deeper on the mat, this deep stretch yoga practice focuses on opening up the hips, legs and back to increase flexibility and stabilise the joints, with a focus on the breath to help release tension and leave you feeling balanced. A deep stretch. 45 minutes A quick yoga flow to release tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back. In this session, Adriene will help you relax tension in the mind and body, combat stress, reduce inflammation and increase the range of motion in the upper body. Neck, shoulder and upper back release. 10 minutes. A dreamy morning flow to wake up sleepy muscles and leave you feeling energised. Combined with mindful breathwork and intention setting, it’s the ideal way to start the day. A slow start to the day. 11 minutes . Slip into your comfy loungewear or pyjamas and let the tension of the day melt away with Adriene’s bedtime practice. Designed to help you decompress and prepare the body and mind for a good night’s rest. Winding down. 20 minutes. A simple practice to open up the hips and release tension in the lower back. This session supports stability and joint mobility and will encourage you to let all tension in the body melt away. Releasing hip and lower back tension. 23 minutes. This is a short full-body flow for active rest days when you want to move your body. It's also a great option to tag onto the end of a sweaty workout session. In this practice, you’ll pay attention to every area of the body to build total strength and mobility. 20 minutes. Debunking the myths around flexibility, in this session Adriene shows us how we can slowly create space mindfully in the body to boost flexibility and mobility. Flexibility. 16 minutes. A gentle, soothing 30-minute yoga flow from one of Adriene’s iconic yoga challenges, the focus here is on stretching tight muscles and calming the nervous system. Stretching. 30 minutes. A beginner-friendly yoga flow focusing on basic postures that support back pain relief and release tension in this area. However, do note here: if you're suffering from consistent back pain, always consult your GP or physio before exercising. Lower back pain. 30 minutes. This is a great yoga flow for those moments when you’re feeling stressed, anxious or tense. It's a gentle flow where Adriene guides you through breathing techniques and spinal work that can help to release stress and reduce feelings of anxiety. Anxiety and stress. 25 minutes. A flow that encourages you to check in with yourself and meet yourself on the mat wherever you are right now. The focus here is on finding postures that feel good while tapping into the breath. Not sure how powerful can be? Read our guide. Boosting your mental health. 22 minutes. A morning routine, focused on waking up your tired mind and muscles so you feel refreshed and ready to start your day. It’s gentle, stretchy and grounding - the perfect way to start your morning. Relaxing. 35 minutes. For a more energising morning routine, try this flow. Fire up the core, arms and legs in this 25-minute session and set the tone for your day by connecting to the breath. Energy. 25 minutes. Wind down at the end of a long day with Adriene’s bedtime yoga, which focuses on stretching out the body and calming the mind with a focus on the breath. Calming down the nervous system. 12 minutes. One of Health Editor Ally Head's go-to bra's, Adanola designs are simple, stylish and supportive, not to mention won't break the bank. Made from sustainably harvested natural tree rubber, this Yogamatter yoga mat is perfect for both gentle and more dynamic stretches. It offers plenty of grip and a comfy place to find your inner Zen. This bolster is designed to be popped under your knees for extra support during your yoga practice. It's made from one of the most sustainable materials, hemp, and can be filled with natural buckwheat hulls or recycled polyester.

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