The best hairspray for every hair type and style—whether you're...
The best hairspray for every hair type and style—whether you're going for a slicked-back bun or bouncy blow dry

The best hairspray for every hair type and style—whether you're going for a slicked-back bun or bouncy blow dry

Celebrity news, beauty, fashion advice, and fascinating features, delivered straight to your inbox! Thank you for signing up to Marie Claire. You will receive a verification email shortly. There was a problem. Please refresh the page and try again. The thing about spending hours in front of the mirror perfecting your hair is that without the best hairspray, it's just not going to last as long. Time is precious people, and we are not letting those hours working with the and go to waste. The best hairsprays offer hold, longevity and, in the more modern formulas, texture. It's the quick, extra step that will help ensure that your hard work pays off. If you've always been put off using hairspray through fear that you'll overdo it, then you're in for a treat, because the new formulations are nothing like their older counterparts. No longer the gummy mist that held hair in place like a helmet, today's formulations are flexible, light and have the power to make your hair bounce back into position whenever you want. There are hard-hold hairsprays, ideal for , medium-hold hairspray products that are slightly stronger but still allow for movement, and flexible-hold hairspray, ideal for holding curls and waves, without weighing them down. There are also different options depending on your hair type—these are the ones that come in strengths. Here's how to decipher what that actually means... If you have quite thick hair that's particularly tricky to style, then you want the strongest hold. If you have thin or fine hair, the last thing you want is heavy product weighing your hair down and ruining your look, so you want to opt for something that's lightweight. So if you're after long-lasting hairstyles, arm yourself with the best hair spray around. Scroll through for our edit of the very best hairspray... "If you would like to create volume, buy a volume hairspray that you can use on wet hair and spray into the roots—it will lift to the maximum and hold roots in place," says Diego Miranda, Brand Ambassador of professional hair care brand, "If you need to hold existing volume, use normal hairspray all over your hair to secure it. They come in a range of hold strengths (normal, strong, extra strong). The stronger the spray, the less movement you will have," Miranda explains. When shopping for the best hairspray by hair type, "a volume spray is brilliant for fine hair to add more grip and create and hold volume. For thicker hair, I usually recommend a normal to medium hold with a glossing spray to add a healthy shine; try the ," suggests Miranda. When it comes to choosing the best hairspray for curly hair, "the ingredient list is the first thing to check," says educator, Sharley Butcher. "Many hairsprays on the market are not curly girl-friendly, containing alcohol that can dry your curls," says Butcher. "Check the strength to ensure it serves your style's purpose," Butcher explains, and choose the strength suitable for your hair type. This spray is light and non sticky, making it perfect for natural or created curls. Plus it works with the heat of appliances, so if you curl your hair with tongs, it will hold it even longer. This is the hybrid product we didn't know we needed. Ever had to chose between dry shampoo and hairspray? Not anymore. Get the best of both worlds with all the benefits of a dry shampoo and hairspray in one. This formula has won awards for the way it adds texture, boosts volume and holds all in one. The original. The classic. The favourite. And with good reason. It continues to be reliable after its initial launch in 1960. It now comes in different iterations, suitable to various needs and desires. You know you're in good hands if you're using Elnett. It was used on Helen Mirren at Cannes Film Festival this year. From the chap that used to tend to Princess Diana's hair, comes this thoroughly modern hairspray. His version does more than hold hair in place, it adds texture to the lengths and volume to the roots as well. Three for the price of one. We know from Color Wow's Dream Coat formula that they can do a lot more than just protect hair colour. The brand's Firm & Flexible hairspray will keep hair in place without drying it out or looking crispy. It dries almost instantly, is weightless and is infused with keratin to keep coloured strands strong. You'll still be able to brush your hair out should you wish and keep your hair colour protected from UV rays. This is the best hairspray for curly hair. It's alcohol-free and curl loving. It's available in flexible hold too. Both will hold in styles for 24 hours and protect against humidity and flyaways. Protect against humidity and keep flyaways in place with one of the best hairsprays for flexible hold. It dries without turning hair crunchy and keeps hair conditioned with sea buckthorn. It's safe for colour-treated hair, too. When we found out what Hailey Bieber's , I ordered a wax stick immediately. It works, but unless you want to keep it slicked back for the next few days, or planning to wash the very next day, your hair will stay back. I've been using this hairspray instead for both a slicked-back look and everyday curls, and I love it because it never goes crunchy and it brushes out without any trace. If a slicked-back bun or a updo that won't move is the aim, then this is the best hairspray for you. Celebrity hairstylist told me this is the one he uses on his clients when they want a look that won't move, and they do it in a for edges and brows, too.

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