Piers Morgan takes public swipe at Prince William and says 'it's...
Piers Morgan takes public swipe at Prince William and says 'it's ridiculous'

Piers Morgan takes public swipe at Prince William and says 'it's ridiculous'

Piers Morgan has hit out at Prince William in a public swipe - calling him "ridiculous". The former ITV Good Morning Britain star savaged William over failing to attend the FIFA Women's World Cup final on Sunday, with the Lionesses set to face Spain. "With respect, YRH, you should have got on a plane. Ridiculous that the Queen of Spain is attending the World Cup Final to support her nation’s team, and you won’t be there despite being President of the FA," Piers, 57, wrote in reply to the Prince of Wales' good luck message. Nick Hoare replied: "Leaders need to fulfil their obligations and responsibilities. Usually a supporter of Prince William , but he is failing them and himself!" Princess said: "Mind your own business maybe has a plausible explanation and he doesn’t know any information to anybody. Jesus!" READ MORE Alison Hammond pays sweet tribute to co-star with T-shirt on Florida holiday "Maybe because one day he’ll also be King in Australia, and England got to the finals by beating Australia? It’s not an easy position to be in. Would he root openly for England if the final was England vs Scotland?" Luis asked. Tony said: "It's OK. Since you or Rishi Sunak are not going, we are sending the Queen of Spain to support our team. "After all, it is only the first final from an English Senior football team since 1966. No big deal." Kath said: "I think he's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. If he doesn't go, there'll be many with the same view as you Piers. If he went they'd still be a criticism about him travelling so far for a game of football, think of the expense to the taxpayer, his carbon footprint, etc." Stacey said: "Personally I'd rather he stays here and Continues with the work he's doing and raising his children then flying across the world to then be jet lagged and loose a days work .It's a game of football and he has still shown support." "But according to you and others, the royal family are super busy people who do lots and lots to justify the ridiculous amounts of public money they get each year. Maybe that’s why he can’t drop everything to travel to the other side of the world??" asked Tony Nicol on Twitter.

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