Need to upgrade your brush? These are the 9 best hair brushes in...
Need to upgrade your brush? These are the 9 best hair brushes in existence

Need to upgrade your brush? These are the 9 best hair brushes in existence

Celebrity news, beauty, fashion advice, and fascinating features, delivered straight to your inbox! Thank you for signing up to Marie Claire. You will receive a verification email shortly. There was a problem. Please refresh the page and try again. A hair brush is a hair brush, right? Wrong. Turns out, the brush you use makes a big difference to your desired outcome. When shopping for the best hair brush, it all comes down to your hair type and what you need to use the brush for (think: detangling or ). There is a lot to choose from—and we mean a lot. So we’ve done the hard work for you by rounding up the best hair brushes out there; detailing exactly why they’re great. From paddle brushes and round brushes to loop brushes and wet brushes, we’ve got something for all hair types. Before diving into the best, a note on hair brush hygiene. Yes, you need to wash your hair brush. All of that product build-up (including and other styling products) needs to go somewhere and it’s likely to get caught in the bristles. This means you’re brushing dirt back into that freshly washed hair, potentially risking again. To clean your hair brush, remove as much loose hair as you can, then fill your sink with warm water, add a small amount of shampoo. Let your brush soak for a while before giving it a gentle scrub. Leave it to fully dry before using again. We also like the as an easy way to spritz, scrub and go. Although washing it every few weeks is optimal, a cleanse every few months will do because… let’s get real. Read on to shop all of the best hair brushes out there. This is the best brush to get if you want a bit of everything. As the name suggests, it’s designed to be a bit of a does-it-all, from detangling to smoothing. Made from a mix of nylon and boar bristles, this brush detangles effectively, is gentle on the scalp and the boar bristles help lift dirt from the hair to keep it feeling clearer and fresher for longer. If rough drying or blow drying straight, a paddle brush is ideal because it’s firm, easy to use (especially with this ghd no-slip handle) and gets large areas of hair done quickly. It smooths hair and helps to give it a straightened look without snagging at those precious strands. This is one of the smartest brushes in the list, made specifically for hair extensions. The brush features loop bristles, designed to prevent snagging and pulling of the bonds of the extensions. Repeated snagging of extensions not only causes the bonds to be compromised, but also may damage the strands of hair. If your hair is thin, thinning or you’re trying to minimise as much damage as possible, opt for a 100% boar bristle brush. This is one of the gentlest you can get and avoids tugging and pulling. Made in France, not only is this a great hair brush, it’s also a beautiful addition to your beauty vanity if you’re looking for a luxe option. No one does hair brushes like Mason Pearson does so this isn’t just the best luxury hair brush, it’s one of the best brushes money can buy. Although the price seems steep, the craftsmanship is next level. There are plenty to choose from but you can’t go wrong with the junior bristle and nylon mixed brush, which works to detangle whilst caring for your lengths. Best for those with medium to long hair, medium textured hair and fine textured hair with high density (which means the number of hairs you have). Look after this tool and it’ll look after your hair for years and years to come. The mixed bristles and ballpoint tips make this brush glide through thick hair with ease and make painful detangling sessions much easier. This is also a fantastic vegan option as it contains boar-like bristles without the need of fibres from animals. The only downside to this brush is that it’s not as long lasting as others, especially for thicker hair types getting your money’s worth. This Moroccanoil brush delivers the next best thing to an in-salon blowout. It’s got sturdy bristles for a beautiful blow dry and rubber handle for ease of grip. It also gives an even heat distribution throughout to make sure each strand dries and gets that volume. The bristles can be a little sharp though so use with care when it comes to brushing nearer the roots. This is an ideal comb for detangling and working conditioner through lengths in the shower. It’s a great multi-tasker and works for many hair types, but was specifically made for curls and coils in mind. Since it's a wide tooth comb, it makes light work of even the knottiest sections, gently detangling. As the name suggests, the Wet Brush is designed to use when the hair is wet to cause as little damage as possible. This makes it a great option if you like to brush your hair brush straight out of the shower after applying detangling serum. What's more, this brush is made from materials that biodegrade after five years once you're finished with it.

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