Sarah Hyland Is A Vixen In Red Heels After Grinding ‘Modern...
Sarah Hyland Is A Vixen In Red Heels After Grinding ‘Modern Family’ To Dust

Sarah Hyland Is A Vixen In Red Heels After Grinding ‘Modern Family’ To Dust

Sarah Hyland is gearing up for a bloody evening as she sashayed down the corridor in a stunning red dress and sky-high red stilettos, which brings us right back to the “Modern Family” heel comments. Apparently, Hyland, who played Haley Dunphy on the show was asked to wear heels even when she was suffering from an excruciating bout of gout. Sarah Hyland Looks Like A Whole Meal Instagram | Sarah Hyland Sarah Hyland looks delish in the video she posted on her Instagram recently, rocking a stunning dress in red that looked almost like a skirt and top combination given the deep cutouts at the waist. The blouse of the dress was an off-shoulder creation sporting a puffed long sleeve on the other side, with a knotted back tie. The short skirt of the dress also sported a large cutout in the middle, showing off Hyland’s stunning abs, with rosettes on one side gathering the skirt in places. Hyland wore her hair loose, in beachy waves with evening glam makeup. The coolest bit was her strutting on red stiletto heels, which gave her a great posture, and a rather dangerous “Lady in Red” look, something her husband, Well Adams also commented. Hyland is the host of “Love Island” and we’re guessing it’s got to do something with the show, as she captioned the video, “Tonight. There Will be Blood ?” Plenty of other celebrities dug the look as Paris Hilton wrote “Sliving” while singer Nicole Scherzinger also chimed, “Yasss doll.” More fans wrote, “I’m getting the British girl who tries to take Sharpay’s spot in the musical from high school musical 3 Vibes” and “SINCE WHEN DID HALEY AGE LIKE FINE WINE OML ATE FR!” Here’s Hyland, strutting in red! Once, She Was MADE To Wear Heels Instagram | Sarah Hyland Sarah Hyland has had several health issues, including several surgeries, including two kidney transplants and laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis. The same has taken a toll on her mental health as well, and recently, the actress also detailed a rather unsavory incident while she was with “Modern Family.” Hyland appeared on co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s podcast, alleging that once while she was suffering from a painful episode of gout, the show’s producers “insisted” she wear heels. Hyland told Jesse Tyler Ferguson that it was a bad time for her healthwise, saying, “I was always focused on essentially just surviving and knowing my lines… being there 100% when they yelled, ‘Action’ — and then immediately collapsing when they yelled, ‘Cut.” Ferguson also recalled one time when they were filming an episode where his character and Hyland were pushing a car. He remembers she was in an “intense amount of pain” while on crutches. Hyland then revealed, “I had gout!… I was on dialysis… it was wild. They put me in high heels… They had not established my outfit yet and they insisted that I was wearing heels. It was the most excruciating pain.” Here’s the little reunion over dinner… Sarah Hyland Is In A Much Better Place Now Instagram | Sarah Hyland Back in 2019, Hyland opened up about her mental health and her battle with depression, given that her illnesses made her think suicidal thoughts sometimes. During an appearance at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, Hyland said, “After 26, 27 years of just always being sick and being in chronic pain every single day and you don’t know when you’re going to have the next good day, it’s really, really hard. I would write letters in my head to loved ones of why I did it and my reasoning behind it, how it was nobody’s fault. I didn’t want to write it down on paper because I didn’t want anybody to find it. That’s how serious I was.” Luckily, she confided in a friend and then got the help she needed. Last year, she married “Bachelor in Paradise” star Wells Adams and today, it seems Hyland is a much happier and healthier woman at 32 – indulging in some sweet PDA with her husband at Casa Amor! Post source: The blast

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