Only those with eagle eyes can spot the new Seven Wonders of the...
Only those with eagle eyes can spot the new Seven Wonders of the World in under 31 seconds

Only those with eagle eyes can spot the new Seven Wonders of the World in under 31 seconds

Travellers and history fans will surely enjoy this brainteaser, designed to test people's attention to detail and vision. The New Seven Wonders are a group of historic and man-made constructions considered exemplary samples of humanity's greatness. They were announced in 2007, after a Swiss foundation launched a campaign aimed at determining more recent wonders scattered around the globe, given the original Seven Wonders list was compiled in the II Century BCE and among them only the Giza pyramids are still standing. This drawing gathers the new world's wonders in one place, while expunging them from the landscape people are used to seeing them in. This alone may leave those looking for the historic beauties scratching their heads, but people doing this brainteaser will find it also presents another level of difficulty. While some of the famous wonders can be spotted within seconds due to their sizes or catchy colours, others have been purposely disguised by the creator of this brainteaser, eShores . The cheeky placement of at least one of the world's wonders will surely leave many baffled and unable to locate it. The team behind this brainteaser said the average time to find all seven attractions is two minutes and 11 seconds - but one person with eagle-eyed vision managed to locate them all in 31 seconds. Can you beat the fastest time? The solution can be found at the bottom of the page. To help you, listed which are the seven wonders to look for: The Colosseum, located in Italy, the Great Wall of China, India's Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu in Peru, Jordan's Petra, Chichén Itzá in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico, and Brazil's statue of Christ the Redeemer. So, were you able to beat the record and locate all the wonders in under 31 seconds? Don't worry if not, Christ the Redeemer in particular was challenging given the brainteaser's creator changed its colour and made its outlines only barely visible, disguised within the grey cliffs. Equally, the colours of Petra were very similar to its background. If you love solving brain puzzles, there are many others at you can look out for and test your skills.

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