King Charles shares touching behind the scenes coronation photo in...
King Charles shares touching behind the scenes coronation photo in honour of Princess Anne’s birthday

King Charles shares touching behind the scenes coronation photo in honour of Princess Anne’s birthday

The eyes of the world were on King Charles, Queen Camilla and the rest of the Royal Family on the day of the coronation, but there were also hundreds of private moments that took place behind the palace walls. The King chose to share a touching photograph of one such moment today to mark a special occasion: the 73rd birthday of his sister, . In the captivating image, Princess Anne wears her military regalia and King Charles is dressed in his robes of state and the Imperial State Crown, suggesting that the photograph was taken at Buckingham Palace following the Abbey service. Indeed, it is entirely possible that royal photographer Chris Jackson snapped the picture just minutes before or after the Royal Family appeared on the balcony of the palace. The bond between the pair is evident: King Charles smiles at his sister while she gazes back at him, as if they had just shared a joke or light-hearted exchange. This same relationship is also front and centre of the second image, taken more than seven decades earlier. The black and white photograph shows the young and Princess Anne sitting side-by-side in pushchairs outside Clarence House, where they lived with their parents the then Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Taken just weeks before Princess Anne’s first birthday in 1951, the touching family snap shows Charles eagerly reaching out to his baby sister, as if to coo over her or encourage a smile. In the 70 years since, this bond between Charles and Anne has only strengthened and deepened. Through their marriages, respective divorces, births of their children and seismic moments of royal history, the King has always been able to depend upon . This was never more obvious than in the days following the death of their mother, Queen Elizabeth II. It was Princess Anne who was called upon to accompany Her Majesty’s coffin from Balmoral to Westminster Abbey. For the coronation, Princess Anne took up the role of Gold-Stick-in-Waiting, travelling directly behind the King and Queen as they processed from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace. Once inside the royal residence, the siblings found each other for quiet moments like the one captured in this newly-shared picture – a brief glimpse into the mutual respect and appreciation that underpins their relationship.

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