Man’s viral dating history debunked after claiming he gets one...
Man’s viral dating history debunked after claiming he gets one date every 21,748 swipes

Man’s viral dating history debunked after claiming he gets one date every 21,748 swipes

In a world where finding love has gone digital, dating has been revolutionized over the years as people spend more time engaging with others via their . Various apps have paved the way for various takes on the modern way of dating, with . Although online dating has proven successful for countless people, it has also presented endless controversies due to — such as getting catfished or the impacts of constant rejections. The latter is the case for this Reddit user who has bravely shared their dating history in a unique way. After compiling data representing four years of dating, he a visual representation displaying the outcomes across six different apps, which purportedly revealed shocking lows. Redditor claims he got over 40,000 rejections Straight away the largest section on the diagram shows a large pink wave stating that the man has received 43,198 rejections, compared to only 298 matches. It gets worse, only 22 of those 298 matches exchanged over 5 messages with the man, therefore out of a potential 43,496 successful engagements, only 22 led to anything meaningful. Going deeper, of those 22 this only led to 2 actual dates, which ultimately led to him being stood up on both occasions. After four years of dating and over 47,000 potential candidates, he has never had one successful date, which presents a bleak view of the modern dating world. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on Esports, Gaming and more. Quickly after the Reddit post was published, the post went viral with thousands of people reacting to the mindblowing results. “I’m genuinely baffled by several stats here”, one user said. With many users suggesting his profile must be the reason, “My guy you should’ve done a profile review about 40,000 swipes earlier”, another user said. Various users engaged in endlessly long threads debating and discussing dating via the use of apps, as many suggested that dating apps are more negative than they are positive. One Redditor said: “Sure, maybe apps make it easier to date, but I think more often they make it easier to feel like a complete, global loser.” This further highlights the troubles of online dating, whereby having a string of constant rejections can cause users to blame themselves and avoid dating altogether. Others have suggested the post is so unbelievable that it must be fake, a suspicion that later proved to be valid. In going through the Redditor’s posting history, he states one month earlier that he doesn’t use these apps. “I don’t use dating apps. I don’t have any pictures of myself since I was 16 and im not very photogenic so I don’t take pictures,” he said in a subreddit about one month before making the post. It may be the case that this user was downplaying his dating history in this other thread, but in either case the dishonesty will throw all of this data into question now. Dating out there, but hopefully this Redditor’s luck will change soon.

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