Lionel Messi produces perfect response to Nashville boos as...
Lionel Messi produces perfect response to Nashville boos as Leagues Cup final gets feisty

Lionel Messi produces perfect response to Nashville boos as Leagues Cup final gets feisty

Lionel Messi has been hailed ever since he moved to MLS and joined Inter Miami, but he was booed by the Nashville SC fans at GEODIS Park before scoring another stunner. The home fans booed Messi before the game during the warm-ups, when he led out his team and also when he had the ball during open play. There was also a clear game plan from Nashville early on, be physical with Messi and fellow new signings Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba. Busquets was tackled hard and Messi even received an elbow to the face after a tussle with Fafa Picault. Nashville were keen to send a message to the super stars that they weren't going to be bossed about, and the fans shared the hostility. But their efforts didn't work as Messi dribbled around four Nashville players before curling in a beautiful effort into the top-left corner after 23 minutes. No matter what anyone does in this league, Messi can't be stopped. Lionel Messi's bodyguard goes to extreme lengths to protect Inter Miami star Saudi Arabia preparing new Lionel Messi offer to play Cristiano Ronaldo one last time It's the first cup final either team has played in, with both franchises entering MLS at the same time in 2020. Nashville has been much more consistent since their debut season, while Miami are rock bottom of the Eastern Conference in MLS. But that's all set to change since Messi joined Miami, with ten goals in his first seven games and his 37th-career goal in a final. The seven-time Ballon d'Or winner is the greatest player ever to play in MLS, and many feel he is the greatest to ever play the sport all together. Because of his fame and success MLS fans have spent thousands on tickets already, and a seat at GEODIS Park set fans back over a thousand dollars in most areas. But with the title at stake the Nashville fans wanted to get in Messi's head before kick-off. Messi hasn't been booed since moving to the United States, although it's something he's very used to over the course of his career. Playing for Barcelona at a senior level for 17 years, Messi was used to intense rivalries in Spain against Espanyol and Real Madrid . After moving to Paris Saint-Germain he also received a lot of hostility, with even his own fans turning on him at times. Messi spoke out about the PSG fans after leaving the club, saying: "At first it was great, I received a lot of encouragement as I've often said, but then people started to treat me differently, some of the Paris fans. "The majority, on the other hand, treated me as well as they did at the start. There was a rift with a large section of the Paris crowd. Of course it wasn't my intention. But these are things that have already happened with Mbappé and Neymar too, it's their way of doing things. But I still remember all those people who supported me, as they did at the start." Messi opened up about the situation again in Thursday's press conference ahead of the Leagues Cup final, revealing how thankful he was for the way his move to the United States has gone. "My departure from Barcelona to Paris was not something I wanted," Messi said. "I did not want to leave and it happened from one day to the next, it also took a while for me to quickly get used to a totally different place both in the city and in sports and made difficult. But that is the complete opposite of what is happening to me here, thank God."

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