Interior designer Kit Kemp sets a 'dopamine decor' headboard trend...
Interior designer Kit Kemp sets a 'dopamine decor' headboard trend by using bright florals in her hotels

Interior designer Kit Kemp sets a 'dopamine decor' headboard trend by using bright florals in her hotels

Decor Ideas. Project Inspiration. Expert Advice. Delivered to your inbox. Thank you for signing up to Homes & Gardens. You will receive a verification email shortly. There was a problem. Please refresh the page and try again. Kit Kemp is an incomparable interior designer, famous for owning and designing famous boutique hotels including The SoHo Hotel in London and The Whitby Hotel in New York. Her latest project, a London townhouse in Knightsbridge embodies one of 2024's biggest feel-good : . A photo posted by on Photos from the Knightsbridge Hotel show Kit Kemp's bright and colorful rooms. Notable features include orange floral and geometric accents in bold colors such as orange, hot pink, emerald green, and rich turquoise blue across the spaces, especially upholstering the . These deep jewel tones fit snugly into the category of . Furthermore, the upholstered headboard brings a pop of color to the room while paired with neutral bedding. 'There's plenty of playful color, geometric forms, and rich textures to love in these inspiring bedrooms,' says designer Kit Kemp. The talented designer is the queen of color utilizing , and this Knightsbridge space is no exception. British interior designer and founder of the hotel chain, , Kit Kemp has been creating and designing beautiful interior spaces for over 3 decades. The star of the show is the orange, yellow, and pink upholstery on the first photo, which perfectly interacts with the orange curtains, the pink and orange decorative pillows, and the orange bench at the end of the bed. We found the fabric, and it's , available in fabric and as a throw blanket. This fabric is a fusion of Chinese and Indian design with painter style flowers. The design is digitally printed onto scoured linen. Ideal for upholstery, curtains, or bedcovers. Carlin Van Noppen, principal interior designer and owner of says, 'A bright and colorful fabric on the headboard is a wonderful touch for adding that "intentionally designed" feel to a space.' Carlin continues, 'If you are a person who prefers to use neutral bedding, a patterned headboard brings a pop of color to the bedroom. The effects can be similar to adding a bright wallpaper, except with a lower commitment. I especially love the fabric that Kit has chosen, which makes the room instantly look bright and joyful.' Carlin Van Noppen is the CEO and head interior designer at Fig Linens and Home in Westport, Connecticut. She has over 20 years of experience providing design expertise for beautiful homes, hotels, yachts, and private planes and now manages a boutique that has been named the Best Linen Shop in Connecticut several years in a row. 'My first thought when designing a home is always "how can I make this room work for the people who are going to use it everyday?"' Carlin says. 'By designing a space with happiness as a the central goal, Kit creates a beautiful room that is fun to stay in and helps her clients enjoy their travels. In some ways, it's the most functional type of design,' she finishes. If interested in recreating the 'dopamine decor' trend in your own home, our article with is a great place to start.

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