Ferrari Boss Fred Vasseur Explains $10,000,000 Advantage Every...
Ferrari Boss Fred Vasseur Explains $10,000,000 Advantage Every Team Has Under the Cost Cap

Ferrari Boss Fred Vasseur Explains $10,000,000 Advantage Every Team Has Under the Cost Cap

Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur has recently made a startling revelation where he commented on the huge monetary advantage every team has under the current cost cap. The French boss, who was not happy with Red Bull’s cost cap penalty, said each team has around $10,000,000 advantage, according to Advertisement Vasseur was left unimpressed with how Red Bull’s penalty was played out. supremo is of the opinion that the Austrian team did not receive any sporting punishment for breaching the cap such as points deduction. Loading embed tweet Advertisement Instead, they received a fine, which the former Alfa Romeo honcho feels was not enough. As the Milton-Keynes-based team won 12 races out of 12 rounds, there is an obvious reason why Vasseur feels the punishment was not enough. Vasseur reveals the massive $10 million advantage Fred Vasseur has recently opened up on the monetary advantage each team has under the current budget cap season, which is $135 million. The Frenchman has argued that teams can wrap up their entire development within $125 million and still have $10 million left. Speaking of this, he said, Loading embed tweet “ ” further added the 55-year-old boss. Admittedly, Vasseur’s comment has come amid Ferrari’s budget cap breach rumors. Advertisement Ferrari is rumored to have at risk of breaching the cost cap Even after a minor adjustment and allocation of $1.4 million to $1.8 million for a series of extended races, of breaching the $135 million mark. It was reported that they got away slightly in 2022, but this year, things might not get lucky for the Italian team. Even though the final reports are still pending and it will be interesting to see if Ferrari can finish the season within the limit. However, if they cannot, they will be in big trouble. Going by the same level of punishment that Red Bull received, Scuderia Ferrari will see doomsday. This is primarily because they do not have the massive advantage that the Austrian team has over the grid. As things stand, they now need to scrutinize everything, before they invest in further development this season. Advertisement

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