Amid Heart Concerns, Bronny Seen In High Spirits With Father...
Amid Heart Concerns, Bronny Seen In High Spirits With Father LeBron James And Brother Bryce Rooting For The Dodgers

Amid Heart Concerns, Bronny Seen In High Spirits With Father LeBron James And Brother Bryce Rooting For The Dodgers

Recently, was in the headlines for some concerning reasons. Having suffered a cardiac arrest during practice with USC, Bronny was rushed to the hospital. Many were shocked to hear the news and sent their thoughts and prayers to the 18-year-old and his family. It’s been a few weeks since the incident, and Bronny looks much better. As seen in ‘ recent , he seemed in good spirits as he watched the Los Angeles Dodgers game with his father and brother Bryce. Advertisement The news of Bronny’s cardiac arrest was without a doubt devastating. But, not long after news broke out, King James took to IG and spoke about how it is his job to remain strong. He shared a post of a workout session with his youngest son Bryce. As they both dawned USC Trojans gear, the four-time NBA Champion spoke about how he will continue “to show them the blueprint regardless of the outcome”. Bronny James enjoying Los Angeles Dodgers game with LeBron James and Bryce James LeBron James has shared a story on Instagram with both his sons Bronny and Bryce. The James boys are currently at Dodger Stadium enjoying the LA Dodgers game. The Blue Crew are taking on the Miami Marlins. As things stand, it’s the end of the sixth and the Dodgers are leading 3-1. Advertisement It was a nice little outing that showcases just how well the James family has adapted to LA culture. Having moved to California in 2018, they’ve lived in the City of Angels for about half a decade now. And, despite the difficult times they’ve had recently, they seem to be enjoying themselves, soaking up the sun. In particular, Bronny James seems to be in high spirits. Concerns regarding his health following his infamous cardiac arrest are now fading as he seems to be enjoying a fun night out with his family. And to add to it, the family was sitting in the crowd, watching a ball game on a night when Dodger Stadium was handing out King James bobbleheads. You can’t make this up. Take a look at the tweet by below. Loading embed tweet It’s great to see Bronny back on his feet again. A cardiac arrest is dangerous business, especially for an 18-year-old teenager. However, he looks like he is getting back to life already. Perhaps, the young man will soon be cleared for basketball activity as well. King James has stated on several occasions that he wants to play with his sons Bronny and Bryce LeBron James is on the cusp of his 21st year in the NBA. Despite being nearly 39 years old now, there has barely been a fall-off in the King’s game. In fact, he still stands among the best in the league, something the Lakers will be looking to capitalize on. Advertisement As he has stated on several occasions, Bron has a strong desire to play alongside his sons. Both Bronny and Bryce James have a legitimate chance of making it to the NBA. Both sons are beyond talented and have even been projected to be lottery picks. Loading embed tweet As per recent reports on the matter, Bronny James is still projected to go 17th in the 2024 NBA draft, despite his recent cardiac arrest. This means that James likely only has to wait one more season before he can finally play with his elder son. Even as he nears the age of 40, it is likely that being the first to do such a thing in the NBA will drive LeBron to achieve it. Advertisement

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